Have you ever been standing on the edge of something amazing; your graduation stage, the aisle of the church on your wedding day or the first step of a new adventure? That is exactly where we are right now. We are on the edge of so many new adventures it is hard to wrap my mind around it all. We are a day away from owning our first home, and two days away from moving to Pennsylvania something we have been working towards for years. We have officially started planning our adoption and we are hoping to have our miracle brought home in the spring/summer of 2014. I am also so close to graduating with my degree in Special Education that I can taste it.  So here are all the new details and updates.

New Home:

We are so excited to move. We are planning on moving some boxes and the kitchen supplies into the new house right after closing on Tuesday and then we can move everything else in on Wednesday.  This way I can set up the kitchen Tuesday, after a long day of moving boxes and furniture the last thing you want is to have to unpack something just to eat or drink. The kitchen is truly the heart of a home and instant comfort can be found by preparing a familiar meal while unpacking and settling in the first night. I am working on picking out paint colors; all the walls in the new house are white and boring. We have a small list of remodeling plans for the new house as well, it is in great shape but a 1951 Cape Cod is going to require some updates. We are so excited to learn all about our new town; the restaurants, the stores, the neighborhoods and the recreational activities. Any good tips about Chambersburg, PA would be welcome.


Oy with the homework already. Right now is the crunch time of my degree program. I am working on my final classes concerning Specific Teaching Practices for the various subjects I will be teaching. These classes involve about 50 hours of in-class experiences such as teaching lessons, interviewing staff members and observing experienced teachers. To qualify for Student Teaching in the fall I have various check points to ensure I am keeping the correct pace for the work load. The first check point is April 1st, at this point I must have no more than 30 assignments remaining in my degree. Another checkpoint on the road to Student Teaching is passing all of my licensing exams by April 30th. I am taking my exams on April 25th so I will need to pass them both on the first attempt. This has me a little worried as the exams cover so much information. As soon as we are unpacked my life will be all about studying for the exams and trying to fit in my hours in the classroom before the kids get out of school for the summer. I just had my introductory call for Student Teaching to go over all the details. I will begin Student Teaching the first day of school and I will continue until the Christmas break. I will be teaching for eight weeks in an Elementary classroom and then eight weeks in a Middle School in a Special Education class.  If all goes as planned I will officially be a teacher by Christmas.


This is all so exciting. I cannot believe we are finally moving forward on our adoption plans. We have found an agency we are considering using that is based out of Lancaster, PA. We are planning some different fundraising events for the year such as; an adoption yard sale, a donation website, etc. We are working out the details and will let you know as soon as everything is finalized. We are planning on beginning the adoption process officially in January of 2014. We are going to attend an orientation at the Adoption Agency this summer to be sure we have found the right agency for us. This year will be focused on setting up the nursery and fundraising. My amazing Best Friend Holly is planning to throw us an Adoption Party this fall to help us prepare for our new addition in 2014. We are working on a registry and Tyler is researching his heart out for things like car seats and baby monitors. I am so excited because I found the perfect crib set. There are two animals I cannot get enough of, elephants and owls. These two animals never seem to go together and that makes picking a theme hard. Well Target has come to my rescue, they have come out with a beautiful crib set with an elephant and an owl (along with many other animal friends) and the best part is that it comes in gender neutral colors. I can see our nursery coming together and I cannot wait to see our beautiful gift from God sleeping peacefully in their crib. I am so thankful to God for leading us down this path, every step we take in the direction of adoption feels like we are getting closer to the life of our dreams.

Check out the beautiful crib set:

Nursery Set