We have successfully moved into our new home, and what an adventure it has been. We moved all of our belongings with just Tyler, myself, our friend Josh (for a few hours of loading) and Tyler’s awesome parents. It was a long, painful day Wednesday and we all decided movers should be hired for all and any future moves. Alas, all the pain and struggle is over and now comes the fun part, unpacking and settling in to the new house. The layout of the house is perfect. The first floor has a large living room, a large-ish kitchen, two bedrooms and the bathroom. The second floor is one large open room that we are converting into a large master bedroom with a built-in office area. Originally we planned on starting the remodel immediately but as we plan on putting most of the money we make on the sale of our mobile home towards our adoption plans we decided to live in the room as it is for now.  The first floor needs almost no work. The kitchen could use a few more cabinets, the bathroom needs updated at some point and I want to paint. We are focused, at this point, on just unpacking and settling in as quickly as possible.

Discoveries we made during this move:

  • My in-laws are awesome, we already knew this but I cannot express how much they helped
  • We hate moving our heavy furniture and will probably hire movers to do the furniture in the future
  • I really really love 1960 flooring (see my kitchen below)
  • Old houses have almost no outlets and they are all two prong and not three
  • Elderly people leave all kinds of stuff behind when they move out of a home. So far I have found:
    • A collection of recipes dating back to the 1970’s, I will share any good ones
    • An entire drawer full of pots and pans, to include the old pea green variety
    • A kitchen table
    • A roll away cot with two mattresses
    • Two plates, two spoons, two glasses and a coffee cup
    • Lots of shelving units in the basement and attic
    • A headboard (I cannot see it enough to see how big it is yet)
    • What appears to be a disassembled crib
    • Old metal Tonka toys of various types (These should be worth money from what I hear)
    • A Picnic table and benches
    • Four lawn chairs
    • Innumerable pots and planters
    • And so much more we have yet to sort through
  • The walls in an old house are so hard and dense that when you attempt to hang pictures the nails bend before they go into the wall
  • We were really used to a small place because we keep losing each other in the new house

It has been such an adventure already and it is just beginning. I found myself today sitting on the back porch watching the dogs playing in the yard and Tyler walking down the walk to the garage to leave on errands. I was hit with this overwhelming since of awe and wonder at the beauty of my life and the amazing place God has led us over the last few years.

Tomorrow we have such exciting plans. Some of our closest friends are all planning on coming up to see the house for the first time. We cannot wait to show the house off, tell them all our plans and more importantly spend time together catching up on our lives. Life is so full of blessing, be sure to stop and notice the overabundance of joy and love in your life this Easter weekend.


Our Kitchen


Our Living Room


Future Master Bedroom/Office