I am a planner, I like to plan events long before they actually occur. When I know we are considering doing something – a vacation, move, dinner party, getting a pet, etc.- I start researching  right away to help me create a plan of how we are going to accomplish whatever we are planning. Things were no different when we decided we wanted to adopt.  I went on a researching safari and thought I had found the perfect agency for us to work with. The agency was based in Pennsylvania, Christian and appeared to serve the state of Pennsylvania. There fees were reasonable (when compared with adoption costs across the nation) and they had a short wait time of 3-6 months for placement. I was so excited and we started planning everything around working with this dream agency. I sent out some feelers to get us scheduled for an orientation meeting and anxiously awaited an answer. Yesterday I got an e-mail from the agency and I was so excited to be starting. Unfortunately they no longer offer adoption services to those outside of an hour from their main office, we live an hour and forty-minutes away. I know this was the first of many obstacles on the path to bringing home our miracle…. It was still a hard one to overcome. I was (and continue to be) so disappointed. Back to square one on the adoption agency hunt. We are moving forward with all our fundraising plans because we still are going to need a large chunk of change to bring home Baby Rudisill. I do not know where our baby will be coming from but I know in my heart that God has placed, or will soon place our baby somewhere in the world for us to find and shower with love. Here are the questions we are working through to help us narrow the field:

Do we want a national agency or local?

How much are we willing to/can we come up with to pay towards our adoption?

How does this affect our time frame?

We are back to researching and I am praying hard that God leads us to the ideal agency and to our baby soon. I am counting down the seconds until we have traversed all these obstacles and our baby is finally in our arms.