I have been a bad blogger lately, we have been so caught up in moving forward with the adoption process that I have not had a chance to sit down and write it all out. Things have been moving forward at a great clip. Here is what you may have missed:

  • We are officially adopting through foster care and we have found the local Foster Care Agency we will be using
  • We discovered a beautiful 11 year old boy on the statewide adoption website that we fell in love with just looking at his profile. He has since been adopted. We are so happy to see he quickly found a family and that he opened our eyes to how open we are to adopting an older child. We already have the first floor set up for young children and babies so until we finish the second floor (hopefully soon) we will be limiting the children options to under 6 years of age. Once the second floor is completed we will open our adoption availability to any age and go on a case by case basis.
  • We have already completed our first orientation meeting at the agency as well as our first round of adoption classes. The orientation meeting covered the various types of adoption/foster care available through the agency, the agency process as well as to answer any questions we had concerning the agency/foster care/adoption/the kiddos available. We then attended the first of two day long training sessions for those interested in becoming an adoptive/foster resource family. The first class covered the topics of “Who are the children”, “Matching/How the system works”, “Transracial and religious sensitivity”, “Grief and loss”, “Infertility” and “First aid/Communicable diseases”.  We were also given the first mile high pile of paperwork we need to complete in order to finish our family profile and become certified as a resource family. The first round of classes was very educational and enlightening. The paperwork is mildly overwhelming but when all else fails a to-do list makes it more manageable. In order to be certified we must complete the following steps; complete the second day of training, submit all (gazillion) required forms, complete three different background checks (for each of us), have our three chosen references complete the reference form, we each must pass a physical/tb test, we each must write a 3-5 page autobiography, complete a 3-4 hour family interview, complete our home study assessment and then have our profile compiled by our placement specialist. Once we complete all of these requirements we will be certified as a family and will then be on to the waiting-for-a-match phase of the adoption game.
  • Our wonderful friends Holly and Courtney are throwing us an Adoption Shower this June to help us acquire all the necessary items for adopting a little one as well as a way to celebrate our family (FINALLY) growing. We are asking in lieu of a card people bring/send us a children’s book to help build the library of our children. We will be using gDiapers (an eco-friendly alternative to traditional diapers) exclusively and we are registered at Target. Here is the link for our registry:  http://www.target.com/baby/registry/C-W4tCVQGJOjWyJPmMKxcQ

It is all so exciting and overwhelming. I cannot explain the peace that has washed over me since we officially decided that Foster/Adoption was the right path for us. I truly feel in my heart that out there in the world our children are waiting (if they are like me, probably waiting impatiently) for us to find them. My hand is getting tired from the endless paperwork and my to-do lists are getting out of control. I truly understand the joy and pain of being paper-pregnant now. Those paper cuts are murder. 😉


Disclaimer: Not Me, Simply a shirt I need and now understand!