Any woman who finds herself dreaming of a family has at one time or another pictured the joy of her baby shower; the people who will come, the excitement for the new miracle joining the family and the love that will surround you. This is no different for mothers who are building their families through adoption. What is different however is the reaction of those around you to the announcement that a new child is coming. When families announce a pregnancy there is very little (other than possibly the sex of the baby) that is left unknown. You know the mother will be giving birth to an infant so you know exactly the type of things those parents will need to traverse their first days as parents. However, when a family announces that they are adopting (especially through foster care) the possibilities seem endless. How old will the child be? Any age is possible. How many children will you be getting? In our case: anywhere from one to four at one time. When will the child(ren) be arriving? Any second after our certification is complete, which will be the early fall of this year.  How long will the child(ren) be staying? A day, a few weeks, a few months, a year or forever- we do not know yet. These possibilities can make the whole thing hard to wrap your mind around or not a reality to your friends and family. Here is what is not different for the parents: we are filled with love, joy and terror because regardless of the shape it will take we will be a family any day now; we also need the love and support of our friends and family as we begin this new chapter of our lives just as we would if we were expecting our first child naturally.

Tyler and I are so blessed to have wonderful people in our lives who completely understood these facts and they made our Adoption Shower everything we could have hoped for. My two closest friends Holly and Courtney were generous enough to offer to throw us a shower in celebration of our family growing. The theme of the shower was (no surprises here for anyone who knows me) books, specifically children’s books. Holly and Courtney instructed everyone to bring a book to help us build our children’s libraries in lieu of a card with their gifts. We were also fortunate that we already have the really big things like furniture, all we needed/wanted to prepare us for welcoming our children home were toys, games and room décor. Our friends and family came through in amazing ways and I still tear up every time I remember the shower. First of all the shower itself was AMAZING!! Holly and Courtney created amazing decorations, hilarious games and planned a delicious array of snacks.  I loved the book banner so much that we have decorated the kid’s room around that theme. 


Secondly, the people nearest and dearest to our hearts were there to celebrate with us. The biggest surprise guest of all being my Mom, who lives in Michigan and flew down for the shower. She pulled off such a sneaky trick, she told me all week leading up to the shower how sad she was to miss it. Then while the final touches were being put on the decorations who  should walk in my front door, none other than my Mom. This was followed by lots of tears and hugs from me, Holly and Courtney. She shocked us all. It really was the final piece of the puzzle that made the day amazing. My Rudisill family, my Mom and all the friends who have become family were able to shower us with love and show their excitement for our family growing through adoption. The gifts were fantastic but it was the love and support from those present that made the day perfect. ❤ The love was overflowing at our shower and it would not have been complete without the love of our nieces and nephews (not all pictured below) who cannot wait to become cousins. I know our children are coming into a family and community of love and support and I could not ask for anything better.