Our Own: Adopting and Parenting the Older Child by Trish Maskew is both a guide book and a collective memoir of adoptive parents. I loved this book and sometimes found myself re-reading passages and being astounded it has taken me so long to find my calling in life; to adopt through foster care. Trish takes the reader through the various aspects of adoption (the wait, preparing your family, the honeymoon phase, adjustments, etc) and offers advice and anecdotes from parents who have already traveled this path. The wonderful thing about this book is the focus on adopting children who are not infants, children who already have personalities, likes, dislikes and habits. Older child adoption is a term used by adoption agencies to indicate any child over the ages of 1 or 2 years old. In addition to the information on the various parts of the adoption process there are chapters specifically devoted to the various mental, emotional and physical challenges that our children face when their lives are uprooted during an adoption. Trish doesn’t sugar coat things for you; she tells you the gritty truth about the joys, pains and adventures to be had when welcoming an older child into your home. Tyler and I really want to adopt at least one older child and this book has been a wonderful resource as we prepare for that step.

 I would recommend this book to anyone adopting a child of any age, friends and family of those adopting, public service workers who interact with adopted children and their families as well as anyone involved with Foster Care.