To say the journey towards parenthood has been a challenge for us would be putting it mildly. After all of the challenges we faced when we were completing fertility treatments, all the loses and all the close calls it seemed like the foster care to adopt process was so straight forward that things would finally go smoothly for us. Apparently to become parents we are meant to fight and crawl our way there. This week started with us waiting to hear from our case worker who was on vacation last week. We were waiting for her to finish our profile and then set up our final home safety check to open our home up as foster and adoption resource. While she was on vacation our out of state background clearances were processed. The two additional states (Michigan and West Virginia) processed our background checks and sent the State of Pennsylvania’s Department of Public Works (DPW) the forms showing we both had no criminal record. DPW was in the process of training new employees who were tasked with coding our paperwork and sending it back to our agency. The forms were coded incorrectly and the State of Pennsylvania sent our agency an official letter stating we both had previously been charged with child abuse. Our agency then trusting the state knows what they are doing had to call and tell us that it appeared we had lied on our application and we would not be permitted to adopt. I instantly knew something had to be wrong but that did not prevent me from falling apart. To be told our dreams could never come true and that I would also probably lose any chance of working with children (my career goal) was the worst news I have ever gotten. I am so SO thankful that our case worker believed me when I told her that either of us having a record was impossible and that DPW must have made a mistake. The Case Worker’s job is to protect the children within the system and she would have been completely following procedure to assume I was lying to her and to leave us on our own to fix this disaster. I am so thankful she trusted me and trusted that she knew our hearts and that this was not possible. It took a painful two days to work it out but the Director of DPW personally got involved and fixed our records to reflect reality. Since we decided to pursue Adoption through Foster Care we have been overwhelmed with a feeling of peace and certainty that this is what we are meant to do with our lives. However, it has not been easy by any stretch. We have had paperwork get lost, changed case workers three times, had to correct mis-filed paperwork, multiple delays, injuries and now we had to endure being falsely accused of something awful all due to a trainee putting the wrong code on our paperwork. I really find it hard to put into words how painful this experience has been. In the 3 years, 4 months and 1 day since we officially decided we were ready to become parents we have been put through some intense challenges. I know that every single heart break has been worth it and will allow us to appreciate the miracle of our children more. I feel like I can finally breathe again now that this has been settled. Our case worker is now hoping to finish our profile in the next week. As soon as that step is done she can come out to the house to do our safety check and we will be open that day. I am just so thankful today that everything was fixed, our case worker is on our side and most importantly I am so thankful to have God walking us down this difficult path to making our dreams come true.