I want to take a moment to connect the two worlds I am writing for. I write for this amazing blog and I am also currently working on a novel for The National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). NaNoWriMo is a creative experiment that challenges writers to complete a 50,000 word novel in one month. My novel is titled “Smoke On The Diamond” and as of yesterday evening I have written 9,064 words. I wanted to share this journey with everyone here. I have included below a synopsis of the novel and a few rough draft excerpts. For more information on NaNoWriMo please visit http://nanowrimo.org

Synopsis: Living in St. Augustine, Florida, Fiona is surprised by her apparent fortune when she learns she has inherited a manor home in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. When she then lands a job as a research assistant at the local college in Chambersburg it appears she is destined to uproot her life and move to this sleepy mountain town. As soon as she arrives Fiona begins to suspect there is more to this old family home than originally meets the eye. Within the walls of Thornapple Manor lie family secrets and the key to Fiona’s future. Finding those secrets will take Fiona down a treacherous path, a path that will reveal to her power she never knew she had, power that has saved her family once before and will be needed now if she hopes to survive this journey.



“The tree looked as twisted as an old woman railing at the Gods. The branches reaching towards the Heavens as though they could pull the clouds down. The shape of the tree was only part of what made it so unusual. The tree appeared to have recently been set ablaze. The bark was black and gnarled. The blaze appeared to have spared only one solitary leaf at the very top of the tree. The leaf was the deep brown of autumn as if nothing was amiss in the world.”


“The attic was remarkable, although “attic” only seemed appropriate because the location of the room was at the very top of the house. She had been prepared for boxes, spiders and lots of dust. Although the rest of the house was covered with a layer of dust and neglect the attic appeared as if someone had just walked from the room. The attic walls were lined with countless books and objects that were foreign to Fiona, pestles, jars of herbs, chalices and candles of every color. The center of the room held a large table covered with more jars and bowls, pendants and open books strewn about as if her Aunt had been in the middle of some bizarre project. Throughout the room were large cushioned chairs that seemed to be begging for someone to curl up on them with one of the many books found around the room.”


“Fiona smiled as she slipped her hand into his. His hand was rougher than she expected for a professor, it felt like the hand of man who worked outside a lot. His hand was large and warm. Fiona had to remind herself she needed to let it go after she held on a moment too long. Jericho smiled and waved as he headed off towards his office.

Well, well, well Fiona thought to herself. There was no one like him back in Florida. Fiona became aware of how warming his presence was as soon as he left, she immediately notice the chill in the fall air and began walking to warm herself up. Jericho McFarland indeed.”