When my husband, Tyler, and I were matched with our first son we worked with an amazing case worker, Regina. We felt an instant connection with Regina and remained close after she left our agency. Later we would learn that Regina was a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. Shortly before our son was adopted I began having a recurring dream about Regina, the dream never changed and I started having this dream every other night. The dream always consisted of Regina and I in her kitchen talking during which conversation I would ask her to tell me a bit more about her faith. I could never remember what she told me, the next part of the dream I could remember was me deciding to convert and then I would wake up. I always woke up feeling at peace but dying to know more. I delayed mentioning the dream to Regina because I was afraid it would come off wrong, and possibly insult her. A month in to me having this dream every other night I received an e-mail from Regina in which she told me that she did not typically do this with people she met professionally but that if I was open to it, she would love to share her faith with me and what she believes about families. I have never been a believer in coincidence so I shared my dream with her.

A few weeks went by before Regina and I reconnected. I was having a bad Mommy day and was out for a drive praying about our children and crying. As I ended my prayer I told God, these dreams were driving me crazy and if He was serious about this new direction He needed to send some Missionaries my way because I had so many questions and if converting was not the path for me the dreams needed to stop. The very next day I got another message from Regina that she wanted to know if she could come visit and bring some Missionaries with her to answer the questions she knew I had. That was the moment I said “Okay, God, I hear you”. The dreams stopped the day I met with the Missionaries.

To many people I know this sounds a bit crazy, to have a dream, even a recurring one, and follow that inspiration. I was blessed to be raised by parents who encouraged me to find my own path, my bliss and to follow it. I was raised with the knowledge that we all have our own journey and encouraged to find my way. I have been looking and tried many paths and none felt true and right until I followed a dream and that dream lead me to The Church.

I have been what we call an investigator of The Church for a few months now and have scheduled my baptism for April 18th. I am so happy to be claiming my path and to officially join The Church.