When our first child was oh, about four months old I decided I desperately wanted to homeschool. I had done my research and I was convinced this was the best approach to education for our family. I had my own educational background in a Special Education major and probably months of time spent researching homeschool vs. public school vs. private school (in case we won the lottery I suppose) all to back up that decision. Everything seemed great and I was confident I had time to research curriculum and co-ops to my hearts content before Caleb was old enough to begin school.

Then life happened. We went from one baby boy who had just turned one to five children. Now my oldest should be starting kindergarten in the fall of 2016. Shortly after our family grew so dramatically and I was juggling multiple therapies and case worker visits and an adjusting group of children who had all experienced a lot of trauma in their short years- I had a mommy melt down and decided there was no way I could homeschool. I couldn’t be enough Mom everywhere at one time to pull it off. I drove around in my car crying about it for awhile and just decided I just was not capable and should forget it.

Shockingly, this knee jerk, emotional decision has not been sitting well with me. If I was positive homeschooling was right before how could it be wrong now? I also have seen tremendous growth in my babies lately and I am realizing how short this time of survival mode living will be in the grande scheme of things. So where does that leave us? My oldest has started attending a traditional preschool and he loves it. I have no idea about curriculum or co-ops or homeschool groups and I have zero idea how I would start. To be honest I am not even sure which direction I think we should go in as a family. One thing I am sure of is that we need to pray about it and that soon we will be guided to the right path.

Homeschooling, can I? Yes. Will I? I’m still not sure.
P.S. I have been finding great comfort and encouragement in the homeschooling blog It’s A Good Full