“You’re done now, right?”

Oh, the number of times we hear that question. Anyone who has more than one or two kids hears this question often, just as families with only one child are always asked if they are adding more children. 

Our answer always makes eyebrows raise and looks of astonishment appear. We “think” after five children all brought to us through the tragic miracle of adoption (in less than two years) that we are done adopting; however, we are not sure we are done having children. We have always believed that whoever was meant to be a part of our family would show up and we still believe that. We are not willing to close the door on having biological children. We have always known Heavenly Father would create our family in the way it was meant to be created and we do not feel that he is finished with that yet. Now, ideally I would hope we have a year or two before any more little cuties arrive but I also know Heavenly Father’s timing is always perfect.

So I think the question should be re-framed; is God done building our family? Who knows for sure, but I hope not. 

To answer some of the other oft asked questions: 

Are our hands full? Sometimes. 

Are our hearts? Always! Our hearts are bursting with all this love, but that’s the amazing thing about humans- we can ALWAYS love more. 

Are we saints? HA! Definitely not. We are simply blessed beyond belief to have all these amazing little souls as a part of our family. 

Are we nuts? Probably, but life is no fun if you play it safe.