I think I was around nine or ten years old, the first time I remember one of my Grandmothers calling me a “little Grandma” and an “old lady”. I have always been a bit too old fashioned for our times. Now, thanks to hipsters many of the things I have always loved are cool again. You can find countless hipsters wearing aprons, knitting, sewing their own clothes and espousing love for the “golden oldies”. All things I have loved since I was a child. I remember countless evenings spent watching “I Love Lucy” and thinking that Lucy was exactly who I wanted to grow up to be .

I have been feeling a little lost lately and I realized it was all stemming from this (mean) voice in my head telling me that it wasn’t enough to be a wife and mother,  even though it was all I ever dreamed of being. I realized an easy solution to feeling so lost and a good way to shush that voice was to just lean into it, lean into being a housewife and a mother, lean in to my old fashioned dreams and ideals.


This brought me to looking up lots of different things about the quintessential 1950’s housewife. I then stumbled on Jen But Never Jenn’s 50’s Housewife Experiement and I was intrigued. I loved the idea, so much fun and right in my wheelhouse. I excitedly told Tyler all about it and he looked at me like I had lost my mind, he has never gotten my love of the old days and he thinks me trying to live up to the expectations of a 50’s housewife is “Unnecessary”.  He is missing the fun, with his silly love of all things modern.

I have already started some of the aspects of the experiment as part of my leaning in process. I have been getting up earlier than the kids and my husband to get myself dressed (and I have been dressing up) for the day. Sometimes that means getting up at 4 am but by the time everyone else is getting up I am in the kitchen, dressed and apron on, ready to tackle the day. I cannot tell you the difference in my daily adventures and mood this one small change has made. Dressing up is always a mood lifter and being prepared to tackle the day before the kids are up makes me much less stressed. I have time in the morning to read some scripture, pray, collect myself and plan out the day.


So far I am only adding in  a few parts of the experiment but I think I want to do the whole thing soon. Now I just need to find more 50’s inspire dresses. Now Jen goes as far as only serving meals common for the times and only uses the tools of the 1950’s housewife would have access too. I doubt I will be going that far, one I have too many children to take away the conveniences that save my sanity and my husband would absolutely hate the meals.

If anyone needs me I am going to be cleaning things, focusing on my family and leaning in some more. So far it has been great.