Life is a whirlwind of change in Casa Rudisill at the moment. The biggest change is the Casa has moved. That’s right we have relocated the whole herd to Grand Rapids, MI. For those who have been following our story for a while you know that Grand Rapids has always been my favorite place, I lived here while in college and of all the many (many) places I have lived it is the place I always dreamed of raising our family. Now that dream is a reality and it is still sinking in….slowly. At least once a day I look around and think “holy cow batman, we live in Michigan”. The best, and craziest part, is that we were able to move into the same house I used to live in because my parents still own it. So we are renting to own my favorite little cape cod in my favorite city. Happy Cabrielle for sure. 

Tyler was able to find a job in nearby (relatively) Lansing and it is basically his dream job with his dream company. The company is amazing and the benefits are out of this world for our family. The only downside is that Tyler will be working third shift, 11pm-7am. He has been on first shift the last month and a half of training but starting Tueaday he will officially be on his third shift schedule. Eshk. In some ways it will be a blessing, he will be able to see the kids in the morning and he will be able to have dinner with us every night. However, it will definitely be a big change and adjustment for us as a family. 

The other huge change has been that Damien started kindergarten last week. How can he be old enough for school, I swear he was three 20 minutes ago?!? Damien was so ready though and absolutely loves his school, to the point that Friday he was sad to learn he wasn’t going to school again until Monday. I pray he hangs on to his love of learning and school. After the third day in school I already noticed changes and growth in our boy. He started talking about things like the Mayor, a new concept he must have learned about in school. The biggest change was the third day as we were walking up to his school in the morning, once we reached the school sidewalk he asked me to stop holding his hand- not because he was embarrassed but because he realizes the significance of him becoming a big boy. I let go with a mixture of pride and sadness at his first step away from me and towards the man he will one day become. They grow so fast and I cannot wait to see what all of our children accomplish in their lives. 

Now that the move is done and the kids are getting settled we need to shift our focus to the next change coming our way. Shortly before our move I had laproscopic surgery and learned that I have endometriosis and the endometriosis has spread into the muscles of my uterine wall (adenomyosis). There is no cure for either condition and the symptoms are difficult to manage, the most significant for us at this time is the debilitating pain I am often in from the lesions growing throughout my body. There are two ways to approach endometriosis at this stage; one is to try and manage it with a continual cycle of birth control and the other is to have a full hysterectomy. My body never responds well to birth control and it is not helping to manage my pain at all. Although I long to have one more child, I know realistically that between PCOS and Endometriosis (the two leading causes of female infertility) that it is incredibly unlikely (basically impossible) that I would ever be able to carry a baby to term. It is with a heavy heart but resolve that it is the right choice that we have begun to prepare logistically and emotionally for me to have the hysterectomy. 

As you can see life is full of adventures for us right now. We are so thankful to have our beautiful family and for the amazing opportunities before us and our children. This next year is going to be adventurous, joy filled and one heck of a ride.  ūüíú