We have had a lot of people ask us about our weekly schedule here in the Rudisill Casa. We are always in motion and there is never a dull moment. We have five children receiving various therapies and we homeschool. It can be crazy for sure but we are so thankful for all the opportunities our kids have to thrive. 

Weekly therapy and life schedule:

Monday’s- Caleb receives speech and occupational therapy and Alizé receives speech therapy 

Tuesday’s- I see my counselor because life can be hard to sort through on our own and sometimes we all need help 

Wednesday’s- Damien, Perry, Caleb, and Alizé all receive equine therapy (this is AMAZING) 

Thursday’s- Caleb receives speech and occupational therapy, Oliver receives speech therapy, and Perry receives occupational therapy. We have family dinners with my parents and sister Thursday evening. 

Friday’s- have been used for evaluations lately for the additional therapies we will be adding in such as ABA, P.L.A.Y. Project, educational therapy, etc. 

Saturday’s- I usually try to do something fun with the kids who have been working so hard all week 

Sunday’s- our sabbath is a challenge and I can tell you more about that in a moment but suffice to say Sundays are nutty. 

But wait….where does homeschool fit in? It can be a challenge, but we usually fit it in after therapies when the younger ones are napping. 

This last year, our first year of homeschooling, has been kind of crazy. We went into homeschooling overnight and although I had a curriculum I enjoyed, with Five in a Row, it didn’t meet all our needs. So I spent months investigating other curriculum, man there are a lot of amazing ones out there. I felt so torn until I stumbled across WinterPromise!! I am kind of obsessed with this curriculum now. This will be what we are using come fall and I cannot wait to dig into it with the boys. 

As many of you know, I’m a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. What you may not know is that on Sunday’s we attend three hours of church. The first hour we are all together and the second two hours all kids over 18 months of age go to either nursery or primary. 

It sounds great. Unfortunately, it isn’t an easy situation for our kids. We have tried all kinds of different tactics over the last two years and nothing has worked yet. Currently we are tying a few children at a time. Damien, Perry, and Alizé are the only ones going currently. Damien and Perry are in the same class and I have created a social story/ visual schedule for the boys so they know what to expect and so they have assurance that I will be there to pick them up after church every time. We are really blessed to have some great friends helping us transition the kids and we will add Oliver next and finally Caleb. Caleb has never made it through a Sunday at church so he will be the biggest challenge. We know it will be a lot of work but we also know it will be so worth it. 

Have you noticed what else is missing from that schedule? Do a quick check. 

Every day life things are missing; doctor appointments, dentist appointments, vacations, sick days, etc. When any of those common occurrences come up it throws the whole week off kilter. For instance, we all have the flu currently and the week is already getting complicated because of it. 

Also missing is time for me to refill my cup. Life has made me realize how important that time is lately. Friday’s will soon be reclaimed for Mama sanity days. 

That’s a snapshot of our weekly schedule. It can be crazy, it can be overwhelming. It is also amazing, beautiful, life giving, and miraculous!!