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Organizing Books

Since we moved I am trying to get the house all organized, I like things neat and tidy and in their place. Tyler teases me all the time that I make the house look like a museum not like people actually live here, he exaggerates I am not that bad. I just have a touch of Monica Geller in me. In my quest to catalogue and organize I discovered a great tool to help me and I have to share. On my iPhone I found an app called BooksApp and I am completely in love with it. It is an app that allows you to scan the barcode of all your books and create a database of them. The app allows you to classify books by subject, author, series and title. This is such a great tool for those organization freaks among us and is an even better tool to organize a classroom library. I cannot wait to use this app to set up my classroom and to manage loaning books out to students. Way to go iPhone!!

If you would like more information about the app check out their website:




Moving Adventures

We have successfully moved into our new home, and what an adventure it has been. We moved all of our belongings with just Tyler, myself, our friend Josh (for a few hours of loading) and Tyler’s awesome parents. It was a long, painful day Wednesday and we all decided movers should be hired for all and any future moves. Alas, all the pain and struggle is over and now comes the fun part, unpacking and settling in to the new house. The layout of the house is perfect. The first floor has a large living room, a large-ish kitchen, two bedrooms and the bathroom. The second floor is one large open room that we are converting into a large master bedroom with a built-in office area. Originally we planned on starting the remodel immediately but as we plan on putting most of the money we make on the sale of our mobile home towards our adoption plans we decided to live in the room as it is for now.  The first floor needs almost no work. The kitchen could use a few more cabinets, the bathroom needs updated at some point and I want to paint. We are focused, at this point, on just unpacking and settling in as quickly as possible.

Discoveries we made during this move:

  • My in-laws are awesome, we already knew this but I cannot express how much they helped
  • We hate moving our heavy furniture and will probably hire movers to do the furniture in the future
  • I really really love 1960 flooring (see my kitchen below)
  • Old houses have almost no outlets and they are all two prong and not three
  • Elderly people leave all kinds of stuff behind when they move out of a home. So far I have found:
    • A collection of recipes dating back to the 1970’s, I will share any good ones
    • An entire drawer full of pots and pans, to include the old pea green variety
    • A kitchen table
    • A roll away cot with two mattresses
    • Two plates, two spoons, two glasses and a coffee cup
    • Lots of shelving units in the basement and attic
    • A headboard (I cannot see it enough to see how big it is yet)
    • What appears to be a disassembled crib
    • Old metal Tonka toys of various types (These should be worth money from what I hear)
    • A Picnic table and benches
    • Four lawn chairs
    • Innumerable pots and planters
    • And so much more we have yet to sort through
  • The walls in an old house are so hard and dense that when you attempt to hang pictures the nails bend before they go into the wall
  • We were really used to a small place because we keep losing each other in the new house

It has been such an adventure already and it is just beginning. I found myself today sitting on the back porch watching the dogs playing in the yard and Tyler walking down the walk to the garage to leave on errands. I was hit with this overwhelming since of awe and wonder at the beauty of my life and the amazing place God has led us over the last few years.

Tomorrow we have such exciting plans. Some of our closest friends are all planning on coming up to see the house for the first time. We cannot wait to show the house off, tell them all our plans and more importantly spend time together catching up on our lives. Life is so full of blessing, be sure to stop and notice the overabundance of joy and love in your life this Easter weekend.


Our Kitchen


Our Living Room


Future Master Bedroom/Office

Rudisill’s In Transition

Holy transition period, Batman! Here I sit surrounded by boxes, luggage from my last trip to Michigan and school books that need my attention immediately. Add in four pets and a husband that drives me crazy and keeps me sane simultaneously. Tyler and I are in the midst of an unbelievable transition period in almost all aspects of our life. Here is the back story:

Tyler and I met in 2003 and got married in October of 2010. We lived about 20 minutes apart in High School and ended up working at the same Domino’s Pizza. We quickly became close friends, almost everyone we worked with, our families and many of our friends tried to tell me that Tyler and I should date. I could not believe that such a wonderful man cared about me in that way, and as he is extremely shy and never expressed his feelings things stayed at “just friends” for years. After High School I moved from West Virginia to Michigan (where my family is originally from) and we maintained our friendship. In the winter of 2007 Tyler came to visit me in Michigan and it seemed we were finally moving forward; due to an injury, a snow storm, and a misunderstanding it was quite possibly the worst visit of all time. For some reason that crazy man was willing to try again, Tyler returned for another visit to Michigan in the fall of 2009. This time we were finally in the same place at the same time and we finally admitted what everyone around us knew, we were in love. Things progressed quickly once we were finally open and honest about our feelings. We began dating and a few months later I moved back to West Virginia. Then in October of 2010 Tyler made my dreams come true when we got married in a small ceremony. Thus our little family began.

I have always known that having children was going to be a challenge for me, I have never had regular cycles and my Mom struggled to have me and my sister Chazlynn. In the spring of 2010 I made an appointment with my doctor to discuss the plans Tyler and I had for starting a family. Becoming a Mom is the one constant dream I have had in my life and Tyler was anxious to know the joys of fatherhood as well. The visit with my doctor changed those plans dramatically. I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS), one of the leading causes of infertility in women. My doctor gave us the contact information for a world renowned infertility specialist and I clung to hope like it was a life raft. We began treatments immediately, which involved daily medications for me as well as driving two hours every other day to be monitored. My body does not like to release eggs during the normal course of a menstrual cycle. My ovaries begin to form the eggs and then hold on to them like they are prized jewels and not the missing ingredient needed to make a new Rudisill. We did around three months of treatments when I broke the first time. Nothing was working, I did not like our medical team, every failed cycle broke my heart and we were in the middle of a huge disagreement with my in-laws. All of which made us decide that we needed a break to identify our goals and try to enjoy being newlyweds. Shortly after our break I started experimenting with herbal supplements to try and regulate my cycles. This worked wonderfully at first, my cycle regulated and in the summer of 2011 I was able to say the words I had been dreaming of my whole life, “Honey, I am pregnant”. That moment will forever be etched in my mind, I was so sure that my prayers had finally been answered and that I was going to be a Mom. Our joy however was quickly followed by heart break when two weeks after I found out I was pregnant I lost the baby. Words cannot describe the heartache that followed, the loss was so early in the pregnancy we had not even announced it to everyone. I felt betrayed by my body in ways I still am healing from. Tyler was a rock throughout the experience and his love, our family, friends and God are all that kept me whole. We took a deep breath, prayed and moved forward. In September of 2011 I had another early miscarriage. Each time we lost a baby I felt my heart break deeper. I could not come to grips with my body’s seeming unwillingness to carry a baby to term.

In the spring of 2012 Tyler and I decided we were ready to try treatments one last time. Tyler was always a great support for me during treatments but since he is as fertile as a man can be he did not personally have to go through many of the treatments. We began the medications and, this time, daily monitoring (only an hour away this time) to prepare for an IVF cycle. I am fairly certain fertility treatments are some form of torture at least that is how it seemed to me. My body does not handle the medications needed for an IVF well, I was sick the entire time. Additionally, the emotional toll is impossible to describe. Every day I had to inject myself with medications and drive an hour to the doctor’s office to see if it was working yet. Nothing is simple with my body so the medications did not work as planned and the doctors were beginning to question if they ever would. Then miraculously the medications took off and my body became an overachiever in the egg making department. For those who are unfamiliar with IVF, the eggs are then removed surgically and fertilized in a lab. Due to lab error all of my husband’s sperm died before fertilization and we had to race two hours away to get another sample there in time. This delay caused over half my eggs to die and the remaining few were then fertilized. My heart broke over this loss but I was sure our child was coming from those remaining eggs. One by one our embryos died and only one was left by the time it came time to implant the embryo. Our embryo implanted, our bank account laughingly empty and our hopes high we had the longest two week wait of our lives. We would soon learn that this was another loss and the embryo was unable to implant fully.

Tyler and I then had a long heart to heart and decided that although we could continue trying to conceive a child naturally, we both felt our family building was meant to come from another avenue. Adoption was always a part of our family plans, we decided to skip to that part and bypass the emotional and physical pain of fertility treatments. We also discussed what needed to happen in our lives to prepare us for adoption: I needed to graduate with my teaching degree and we needed to buy our first home.


Picture of our embryo- Fall 2012

Where are we now:

We found our dream home, a charming Cape Cod in Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. It has three bedrooms, a garage for Tyler’s Camaro (very important) and a fence for our dogs Lolli-Pop (a Schipperke) and Snowflake (a Peekapoo). We are packing away and getting ready to move next week. As an Army brat I am used to moving and I could pack a house in my sleep, Tyler has never left the county where we currently live West Virginia so he is having a new adventure. I am also finishing my last semester of class work and I am preparing for my student teaching in the fall so I can graduate in December. We welcomed our first Nephew last week, my sister Chazlynn gave birth to a beautiful baby boy and named him Micajah. My entire family lives in Michigan and I just returned from my trip north for the birth. We have two beautiful nieces as well; Jocelyn and Payton who live a few miles away from our current home, and will only be forty minutes away once we move.

What will this blog be about:

I found through our family building journey that there is little to no information or support for couples who decide to forgo treatments and embrace adoption. This blog will focus on us trying to build our family and our home. You will find information on adoption, adoption expenses, home making (decorating, cooking, projects, etc) and the occasional educational tip or story. We may not be building our family in the traditional way but it is sure to be an adventure, an adventure you are invited to join.