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Last Friday I found myself standing in our local Post Office parking lot taking deep breaths and suddenly thinking I may puke in the mailbox. That happens to us all at the Post Office right? No? Hmmm. Well let’s backtrack a little here; I came to the Post Office to mail our final packet of adoption paperwork. Tyler and I have been working towards building our family for over three years and we have been working towards adoption specifically since the beginning of the year. So I knew this was coming, in fact I have been working towards it daily, why the sudden panic?  Why when our dreams are about to come true do we suddenly find ourselves having dramatic reactions to the next logical steps?

I have been working through my checklist for adoption so diligently. Kid’s room completed: Check. Make copies of necessary papers: Check. Fill out forms until my arm falls off and dies: Check. Baby proof the house: Check. Hyperventilate in the Post Office parking lot: wait that is not on the list.

Here is what happened; I realized that my list is complete. We are done. I have been preparing and preparing for parenthood for years and now the preparation time is almost done. The only step left to complete is our home study interview. Do you know what crazy thing will happen after that step? Someone will hand us a child (or a few children) to care for and love; maybe for a day, a week, a few months or forever. Holy Parenthood.

I was able to digest all of this information, take a deep breath as millions of mothers-to-be have before and push…. in my case it was pushing the door open but I still had to push to become a Mom. 


As you begin down the road to Adoption your agency will hand you a pile of paperwork (it may appear they mowed down the Redwood Forest to come up with all the paper). This paperwork is vital to your adoption process and the better organized the paperwork the smoother the process overall. To assist with that organization I find it easiest to create an Adoption Notebook to maintain copies of everything. This will become your one-stop adoption resource. Here is the suggested layout for the Notebook:


Section 1: General Information

  • In this section I suggest including all the agency information, program fees, as well as any resources provided to you by the agency


Section 2: Paperwork

  • In this section  retain copies of all agency paperwork for your records


Section 3: Background Checks

  • In this section place all the originals of your background clearances, fingerprinting and record checks


Section 4: Autobiographies

  • In this section you can keep copies of your written autobiographies and family profiles


Section 5: Documents

  • This is the perfect section to keep copies of all the additional documentation your agency will require such as your marriage certificate, your insurance information, the deed to your home, etc.


Congratulations!! You now have all your information in one easy to find place. Now you can take your Notebook with you to any agency meetings or show it to any case workers who may want to see your information.  When all else fails remember: Keep calm and fill out the next form!